BME PhD Prospectus Defense - Marjon Zamani


BME PhD Prospectus Defense - Marjon Zamani


Title: “An integrated device for the electrochemical detection of human papillomavirus (HPV) at the point-of-care”

Committee: Catherine M. Klapperich, PhD – BME (Advisor, Chair) Mario Cabodi, PhD – BME John T. Ngo, PhD – BME Sean J. Elliot, PhD – Chemistry

Abstract: In 2018 there were 570,000 new cases of cervical cancer worldwide, making it the fourth most common cancer in females. Nearly all cervical cancer cases are caused by infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). Early detection, and subsequent treatment, of HPV infection greatly reduces the incidence of cervical cancer. The majority (85%) of cervical cancer incidents occur in low resource settings (LRS) because they lack the money and infrastructure needed to implement screen-and-treat programs for HPV. A significant barrier to screening is that gold standard DNA based tests they require costly, large equipment to run. Therefore, low cost, portable devices are needed to detect pathogenic DNA at the point-of-care in LRS. Here, we propose to make a portable, integrated device that incorporates nucleic acid extraction, amplification and detection of nucleic acids in a way that is inexpensive, sensitive and generalizable to multiple diseases.


10:00am on Thursday, April 11th 2019


44 Cummington Mall, room 705


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