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Thursday, March 28
8:00 Moments In Time
10:00 Peace Corps Director Jody Olsen at Boston University
11:00 Challah For Hunger - Selling Challah!
11:00 ECE Seminar Speaker - Eshed Ohn-Bar
12:00 Drop-In Writing Assistance
12:00 Silence Practice
12:45 Q&A with Dr. Stephen Greenblatt
1:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Anjeza Beharaj
1:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Eric Cooper
1:00 SE PhD Final Defense of Nan Zhou
2:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Bruno Duarte Fonseca Martins
2:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Danielle Trachtenberg
3:00 GRS Dissertation Defense of Phillip Ross
3:30 Creating and Owning Your Individual Development Plan
3:30 Tea Time
4:00 Ethics Seminar- Gunnar Björnsson
4:30 Explaining EU Asymmetry: A Comparison of Borders and Asylum Policy Development - A Works in Progress Presentation by Kaija Schilde and Sara Goodman
5:00 Mind, Body, and Spirit Yoga
5:30 Curator Talk: Looking at Morocco from Inside and Outside
5:30 Housing Justice and Health Equity: How Health Systems and Social Work Can Prevent Eviction and Displacement
6:00 A Muslim's Commitment to Social Justice
8:30 Motion Art at FitRec