Making Heart Tissue Dance

Project Description

In our lab, we exercise engineered heart tissue to try to help it mature. Using tiny exercise machines that we control with precision actuators, we measure and control forces exerted by these small tissue bundles, which are comprised of a few thousand cardiomyocytes grown from stem cells. To further stimulate the tissues during exercise, we provide them with low voltage electrical pulses that cause them to beat like miniature hearts.

This project will involve building a second-generation apparatus that can deliver the programmed electrical pulses to the tissues. Work will include programming an Arduino Uno microprocessor, designing and building a soldered electronic circuit, designing and fabricating an enclosure for the system that includes laser cutting and CAD design and integrates needed components including power, adjustment knobs, and an interactive display. As a final goal, the system will be used to stimulate real tissues in our lab.




2023 Timeline

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