Career & Professional Development

Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs is here to support doctoral students through successfully navigating their doctoral training and building the necessary skills for any career pathway they choose. Throughout your doctoral experience you are gaining valuable professional skills, outlined in our Core Capacities, that will contribute to your career preparedness.

Planning for any career is an iterative process that includes self-assessment, exploration, skill development, job preparation, and application, with many small steps in between. In Planning & Assessment you will find resources for conducting self-assessments and creating Individual Development Plans. Career Exploration has resources for exploring potential career pathways in both academic and non-academic job fields.

Planning & Self-Assessment Career Exploration

PDPA workshops provide opportunities for doctoral students to build and develop their skills relating to their individual career goals. Professional and social events held throughout the semester provide doctoral students with the opportunity to learn from and network with scholars and peers from a variety of disciplines. PDPA encourages doctoral students to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities as a valuable means of acquiring new skills and exploring diverse career pathways.

Workshops Events Experiential Learning

You can find up-to-date information on events, workshops, and other programs on our Twitter (@BU_PhDs) or our Instagram (@BU_PhDs).