Our research group is a part of the Boston University Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department and the Photonics Center. We are also affiliated with the Division of Material Science and Engineering (MSE). Our core laboratory is located in the Boston University Photonics Center. Our research focuses on physical and biological phenomena at the nanoscale; we are also interested in developing nanoscale devices and ultrasensitive measurement techniques for a variety of applications in biotechnology.

We are interested in physical phenomena in the domain of nanomechanics and nanofluidics. In a typical experiment, we measure the tiny vibrations of nanomechanical devices to study their intrinsic properties or the properties of the surrounding fluid. For instance, we have studied nanoscale confinement in fluids, rarified gas dynamics, and turbulence, by monitoring the nanomechanical vibrations of micro and nanocantilevers. More recently, we have started working on various problems in biological science and biotechnology. For instance, we used a micro-opto-fluidic technique to measure the extremely small mechanical distensions and pressures in a microvessel. In another experiment, we used an opto-mechanical measurement technique to detect the tiny mechanical oscillations of bacteria adhered on a surface. We are also motivated to translate our expertise into diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

At the present time, we have an opening for a postdoc and a PhD student to work on projects in NEMS. If you are postdoc candidate or a graduate student in a PhD program at Boston University (e.g., in ME, BME, MSE, ECE or Physics), please send us an email. Otherwise, please apply to the relevant graduate program and let us know that you have applied.