Naeser Laser Acupuncture Research Treatment Programs

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Naeser Laser Acupuncture to Treat Paralysis in Stroke. pdf

Naeser Laser Treatment Program for the HAND. pdf

treatmentHand spasticity still present
1.5 Yr. Poststroke
1st Treatment
Naeser Laser Hand Treatment
Microamps TENS (Hrt 8, TW 5) and
Red-beam Laser (Jing-Well Pts.)

treatmentMicroamps TENS device (MicroStim 100) is used for 20 minutes, on two Acupuncture Points: HRT 8 and TW 5
High Frequency, 292 Hz., 2 min. (subthreshold)
Low Frequency, 0.3 Hz., 18 min. (subthreshold)

treatmentResults Post- 1st Treatment (20-Minute Treatment)
Hand opens
Fingers have more extension
and less spasticity
Requires more treatments,
to retain more lasting effect.


Naeser Laser Treatment Program for the FOOT. pdf

Acupuncture and Laser Acupuncture to Reduce Symptom Severity in Spinal Cord Injury. pdf

Naeser Laser Treatment Program for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Motor Developmental Delay. pdf

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