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Volume 22 (2000)
This issue examines developments in intellectual and cultural history outside the American and European spheres.  In addition, the contributors apply and reflect on a variety of comparativist and transnational approaches to the history of ideas, with contributions from Sheldon Pollock, Marcia Yonemoto, Tyler Stovall, and Joel Anderson.

Volume 21 (1999)
A special issue on subjectivity, self-culture, and the market, with contributions from John Wenzler, Richard F. Teichgraeber III, Beryl Satter, Eugene McCarraher, and Gerald N. Izenberg.

Volume 20 (1998)
A roundtable discussion on Foucault and historical materialism, with contributions from Joseph G. Fracchia, Joan Cocks, and Martin Jay. In addition, articles from Charlene Haddock Seigfried and James Maffie on the relationship between pragmatism, realism, and epistemology.

Volume 19 (1997)
A symposium with articles on the intellectual and cultural legacy of the Popular Front era in the United States, with contributions from John Bodnar, Terry Cooney, Michael Denning, Andrew Hemingway, Jerrold Hirsch, Alfred Kazin, Paula Rabinowitz, Harvey Teres, Penny Von Eschen, Alan Wald, and Cary Wolfe.

Volume 18 (1996)
Symposium on intellectual history in the age of cultural studies, with contributions from Joyce Appleby, Charles Capper, Mary Kupiec Cayton, Deborah Coon, George Cotkin, Paul Jerome Croce, Carolyn Dean, Richard Wightman Fox, David A. Hollinger, Martin Jay , Donald R. Kelley, Mary Kelley, Bruce Kuklick, Dominick LaCapra, Alan Lawson, Jackson Lears, James Livingston, Henry F. May, Wilfred McClay, Michael Meranze, Robert Orsi, Theodore M. Porter, Ross Posnock, Daniel T. Rodgers, Andrew Ross, Dorothy Ross, Mic hael S. Roth, Joan Shelley Rubin, Nikhil Pal Singh, John E. Toews, and Richard Wolin.

Volume 17 (1995)
Symposium on pragmatism, featuring essays by James Hoopes, James T. Kloppenberg, Robert B. Westbrook, and John Patrick Diggins.

Volume 16 (1994)
Special issue on Christopher Lasch.

Volume 15 (1993)
Panel discussion on women's intellectual history, with participation by Louise L. Stevenson, Elisabeth Israels Perry, and Charles Capper.

Volume 14 (1992)
The colonization movement: essays by David Brion Davis and George M. Fredrickson; Philip J. Ethington on Habermas and American political and social history.

Volume 13 (1991)
Essays by Dominick LaCapra, David A. Hollinger, Paul Jerome Croce, Robert B. Westbrook, and Michael S. Roth.

Volume 12 (1990)
Essays by Jean-Christophe Agnew, Lawrence Buell, David N. Livingstone, and Christopher P. Wilson.

Volume 11 (1989)
J. David Hoeveler and Alan Lawson on American intellectual conservatism; essays by Robert Darnton, Donald R. Kelley, Michael S. Roth, and Lloyd S. Kramer.

Volume 10 (1988)
Dominick LaCapra and James T. Kloppenberg on Of Lumpers and Readers; essays by Richard Wightman Fox, David A. Hollinger, and Roger D. Abrahams.

Volume 9 (1987)

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