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Intellectual History Newsletter

Hannah Arendt John Locke Sigmund Freud Michel Foucault W.E.B. DuBois Karl Marx Germaine de Stael

Published annually since 1979, the Intellectual History Newsletter features original articles, review essays, syllabi, and conference proceedings of interest to intellectual and cultural historians.

Volume 24, the latest issue, is now available by subscription. On this website we have provided a printable form to assist you when ordering. This special issue deals with the history of liberalism within a transatlantic framework, including a forum on Louis Menand's The Metaphysical Club and papers from the Sawyer Seminar on "Liberal Cultures and their Critics: The Trials of a Transatlantic Tradition."

The IHN has contracted with Cambridge University Press to publish Modern Intellectual History, which will carry the tradition of the IHN in a new form. The MIH will be a trimester journal that will cover the "modern" era broadly defined, from the seventeenth-century Enlightenment through the twentieth century. It will be unique in encompassing both American and European intellectual history, and in having as one of its foci transatlantic intellectual exchanges. Our focus will necessarily remain on the West, where most of the work in intellectual history is being done, but we will also encourage submissions in non-Western intellectual discourses that open transnational windows on the West and the larger world. Finally, the MIH will encourage a "broad church" of subjects and methods without losing its raison d' être as a field. Specifically, it will regard the distinction between "intellectual" and "cultural" history more as a matter of emphasis than as a hard-and-fast divide, and will promote work that enriches both ends of this spectrum.

The MIH will be edited by ourselves and Nicholas Phillipson of Edinburgh University. Reflecting its transnational and transatlantic focus, it will have an Editorial Board made up of scholars from the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Italy. The first issue will appear at the beginning of 2004.

Charles Capper and Anthony La Vopa, Editors