Spectrum Explorer
(v. 2.1, build 0066, Dec. 19, 2003)


The Spectrum Explorer is a Java(tm) application which allows you to plot and compare a number of different spectra, including blackbody, stellar data, and hand drawn plots.

System Requirements

You need the Java Plug-in to run the Spectrum Explorer applet from your web browser.

It has been tested on WindowsXP and MacOS X with Java 1.3.1 and later. It should work on any platform which has Java Web Start. It won't work with earlier versions of Macintosh computers (pre-OS X).

Macintosh Users: The program works best after installing the Java 1.4.1 Update.
Apple Software Update instructions.
Java for Mac OS X information.

Run the Spectrum Explorer using Java Plug-in

All platforms Launch Spectrum Explorer (all platforms) Using Java Plug-in

Install the Spectrum Explorer

Because certain features are restricted when using the Java Plug-in (such as printing and saving data files) an installer is provided. Follow the instructions on the installer page to get the Spectrum Explorer with all features enabled. Note: An update is in the works which will enable these features using Web Start.

All platforms Launch installer

If you have problems running the applet or the application please send email to Peter Carr.

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