Marc Howard

Portrait of Marc Howard

Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences

PhD, Neuroscience, Brandeis University
BA, Physics, Rutgers University
Kilachand Center, Room 705A


Since joining the psychological & brain sciences department in 2011, Howard has worked on projects involving new mathematical models and behavioral and computational tools to better understand the mechanisms of memory and how the brain works. He is recognized as one of the top researchers in bridging cognition and systems-level neuroscience and is a recipient of numerous grants from a variety of funding agencies. A key focus in Howard’s Theoretical Cognitive Neuroscience Lab is how the brain represents space and time, which he and his colleagues believe is fundamental to cognition. His team’s research is focused on developing and evaluating a unified mathematical framework to describe how the brain constructs episodic memory, the ability to remember specific events in a spatial and temporal context. This model could have far-ranging implications, leading to further research in statistical learning, semantic memory, time perception, and reward systems.

Research Interests:

neural representations of time, space and number, computational models of cognition, mathematical psychology


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