Heidi Meyer

Assistant Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences

PhD, Behavioral Neuroscience, Dartmouth College
BS, Neuroscience, University of California, Santa Cruz
Kilachand Center, Room 705B


Meyer and her lab team study learning, behavior, and affective neurodevelopment during adolescence, focusing on interneuron tuning of prefrontal-based neural circuits. Their approach leverages behavioral, systems, and molecular neuroscience techniques to examine the cognitive and neurodevelopmental underpinnings of affective regulation. Meyer’s research aims to address how behavioral patterns are learned based on an individual’s past experience and current environment (including the ‘environment’ of adolescence). As a postdoc at Weill Cornell Medicine, where she worked with Dr. Francis Lee, Meyer’s research focused on fear and anxiety, exploring how adolescents learn to discriminate safety from potential danger, and how exposure to explicit safety signals may serve as a mechanism for reducing fear.

Research Interests:

learning, memory, adolescence, affective neural circuitry, animal behavior, fiber photometry, optogenetics, psychiatric disorders


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