On-Demand Webinar: Energy Efficiency Innovations—Driving Prosperity, Slashing Emissions

Drawing on World Scientific’s new release, Energy Efficiency | Innovations: Driving Prosperity, Slashing Emissions, the ISE convened a panel of pioneers and leaders in mobility, aviation, buildings, and industrial energy efficiency who contributed to the book. The discussion is led by the editor, Henry Kelly, who is an ISE Senior Fellow. Audience Q&A with the panelists will follow.

“Energy efficiency touches all parts of the economy and lies at the heart of all plausible strategies for addressing climate change. A fascinating range of new technologies and new business models have emerged in the past few years and are rapidly reshaping the field and driving efficiency improvements — many of them completely unexpected.”


Event Resources


  • Henry Kelly, Energy Efficiency Editor and Senior Fellow, Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy
    Presentation: Industrial Energy Efficiency
  • Gaudy Bezos-O’Connor, Project Manager for the Electrified Powertrain Flight Demonstration (EPFD) Project within NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate’s Integrated Aviation Systems Program
    Presentation: Energy and Aviation
  • Adam Cohen, Transportation Mobility Futures Researcher, Transportation Sustainability Research Center, University of California, Berkeley
    Presentation: Next Generation Mobility Systems
  • Mary Ann Piette, Senior Scientist, Director of the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division, and Senior Science Advisor to the Associate Lab Director of Energy Technologies Area at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
    Presentation: Global Opportunities and Challenges in Energy and Environmental Issues in the Buildings Sector