Joerg Werner

Headshot for Joerg Werner

Core Faculty, IGS
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

PhD in Chemistry (2016)
MS in Chemistry (2011)

Joerg Werner, core faculty with the Boston University Institute for Global Sustainability (IGS), received his PhD from Cornell University with Prof. Uli Wiesner. His research focused on functional and precise three-dimensional (3D) nanomaterials from block copolymer self-assembly for energy storage applications, including the demonstration of the first functional nano-interdigitated battery.

In his postdoc at Harvard University with Prof. Dave Weitz, he researched novel dynamic microcapsules with molecular and microscopic precision from microfluidic emulsion drop fabrication that reversibly respond to stimuli from their environment, enabling on-demand capture-and-release functionality. The Werner research group at Boston University is interested in the interplay of functional materials and structures with features sizes from the nano- to the microscale, with a focus on spatially controlled synthesis and manufacturing of co-continuous 3D architectures. We study the fundamental aspects of phase separation and self-assembly of complex fluids and amphiphiles such as block copolymers into equilibrium and non-equilibrium morphologies, and their utilization as sustainable templates for the nanoconfined synthesis and fabrication of advanced nanomaterials.

Additionally, we are researching electrochemically active polymers to fabricate precise functional thin films and coatings on 3D substrates. We utilize such bottom-up assembly methods to manufacture mesostructured architectures of a multitude of functional soft and hard materials, as well as hybrid materials with distinct multiphasic interdigitation, for applications in advanced and sustainable energy storage and beyond. See more info on current research and recent publications here.

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