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Joseph S. Lucas and Donald A. Yerxa, Editors
Randall J. Stephens, Associate Editor
Historically Speaking: The Bulletin of the Historical Society

September/October 2005

Volume VI, Number 6

Steven Mintz, “The True History from Below: The Significance of Children's History” 

Darren Oldridge, “Reflections on a Possessed Apple”    

Roger W. Lotchin, “Turning the Good War Homefront Bad: Historians' Counterattack on the Greatest Generation”

Antulio J. Echevarria II, “The Trouble with History in Military Education”   


--Donald A. Yerxa, “David Hackett Fischer's Liberty and Freedom in Historiographical Perspective”
--Rogan Kersh, “Liberty and Freedom in American History: A Further Empirical Approach”
--Brian J. Glenn, “Conceptualizing and Contextualizing Liberty and Freedom”   
--James A. Morone, “Freedom Freely Imagined: Every Generation Wins its Own Form of Liberty”
--David Hackett Fischer, “Response to Yerxa, Kersh, Glenn, and Morone”

Thomas S. Kidd, “What Happened to the Puritans?”               
Helen Rawlings, “New Perspectives on the History of the Spanish Inquisition” 

Diana Muir, “The Value of the Nation-State”                      

Hanna H. Gray, “Western Civilization and its Discontents”     

Barry Strauss, “Donald Kagan: the Scholar and Teacher”       

Jeremy Black, “How Should Scholars Behave?”                       

Randall J. Stephens, “Tell About the South: The 2005 St. George Tucker Society Meeting”

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