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HISTORICALLY SPEAKING features lively essays, interviews, and forums. Many prominent historians have appeared in our pages, including: Danielle Allen, Niall Ferguson, David Hackett Fischer, Ellen Fitzpatrick, Michael Kammen, John Lukacs, Margaret MacMillan, Pauline Maier, William McNeill, Joseph C. Miller, Geoffrey Parker, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, and Gordon Wood.

Johns Hopkins University Press publishes Historically Speaking

We are proud to announce that with the January 2009 issue Historically Speaking joined the distinguished family of journals published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Back issues of Historically Speaking will eventually be accessible via JHUP’s Project Muse: Starting with Volume X, Historically Speaking will appear five times per year: January, April, June, September, and November

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Joseph S. Lucas and Donald A. Yerxa, Senior Editors 
Randall J. Stephens, Editor
Scott Hovey, Associate Editor

Contributing Editors: Joseph Amato, Eric Arnesen, Andrew Bacevich, Jeremy Black, Fritz Fischer, Thomas J. Fleming, Colin S. Gray, Adam Hochschild, George Huppert, Mary Beth Immediata, Mark Killenbeck, Bruce Kuklick, Pauline Maier, George Marsden, Bruce Mazlish, Wilfred McClay, William H. McNeill, Allan Megill, Joseph Miller, Peter Paret, Linda Salvucci, William R. Shea, Dennis Showalter, Barry Strauss, William Stueck, Jr., Carol Thomas, Derek Wilson, John Wilson, John Womack, Bertram Wyatt-Brown

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