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General Chemistry 2

CH102 Fall 2021



At Boston University introductory chemistry is taught in CH101/2 General Chemistry, a two-semester course intended primarily for science majors, pre-medical students, engineering students who require a one-year course, and other interested students.

The second half of the course, CH102, is supported by this web:


  • The required course materials are listed here.
  • The organizational details for students enrolled in the course are in the syllabus here.
  • The schedule of quizzes and the final exam is here.
  • The order of topics covered in lectures and labs is here.

The online discussion forum Piazza are used extensively in this course. Sign up for Piazza at


All posts to Piazza go to everyone in the course and so this is the fastest way to get your questions answered and to help your classmates with their questions.