Project RED (Re-Engineered Discharge)  

Our Team

Project RED Team

Primary Investigator:

Brian Jack, MD - Click for bio
Principal Investigator

Current Contributors:

Timothy Bickmore, PhD - Click for bio
Co-Investigator on Project RED-Lit and Virtual patient advocate to reduce ambulatory adverse drug events; Northeastern University subcontract

Kristin Chase, RN - Click for bio
Discharge Advocate

VK Chetty, PhD - Click for bio
Health Economist

Megan Hempstead, MPH - Click for bio
Program Coordinator, Project Preconception Care

Christopher Manasseh, MD - Click for bio
Discharge Intervention Director

Jessica Martin, MA, MPH - Click for bio
Project Manager

Steve Martin, MD, MEd - Click for bio

Suzanne Mitchell, MD, MS - Click for bio

Michael Paasche-Orlow, MD, MPH - Click for bio
Director of Health Literacy

Laura Pfeifer, MS - Click for bio

Ekaterina Sadikova - Click for bio

Gail Sanchez, PharmD - Click for bio
Post Discharge Re-enforcement

Lynn Schipelliti, RN - Click for bio
Senior Discharge Advocate

Meryl St. John, MA - Click for bio

Michelle Syed, RN - Click for bio
Discharge Advocate

Kimberly Visconti, RN - Click for bio
Discharge Advocate

Past Contributors:

David Anthony, MD, MSc
Data and Adverse Event Analyst

Shaula Forsythe, MPH, MA
Program Coordinator

Kacie Fyrberg, NP
Discharge Advocate

Fiana Gershengorina
Research Assistant

Marieke Goldman
Research Assistant

Mary Goodwin, RN
Senior Discharge Advocate

Jeffrey Greenwald, MD
Discharge Intervention Director

Caroline Hesko
Research Assistant

Lindsey Hollister
Research Assistant

Maggie Jack
Research Assistant

Vimal Jhaveri
Research Assistant

Anna Johnson

Irina Kushnir
Research Assistant

Jared Kutzin, MPH, RN
Discharge Advocate

Eugene Lee

Makhethe Mpoti
Research Assistant

Julie O’Donnell, MPH
Project Director

Alison Simas, RN
Discharge Advocate

Stephanie Tiwari
Research Assistant

Anthony Villanova

Sarah Waite, MA
Research Assistant

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