Emerging Women Leaders

Welcome to Emerging Women Leaders: A career mentorship program for DrPH and PhD students at Boston University School of Public Health.

Our Mission :

Emerging Women Leaders (EWL) is a BUSPH career mentorship program that aims to build a vibrant and enduring community of BUSPH doctoral students and well‐matched public health leaders from around the world. EWL’s goal is to inspire and support the next generation of pioneering public health scientists and practitioners, specifically women and all who are members of historically underrepresented communities, as they emerge as leaders and mentors of the next decades.



We envision a global network of women and others from groups historically under‐represented in public health leadership roles, flourishing in their own careers and growing as high impact, inspirational leaders through their connections with one another, forged through BUSPH‐EWL.


Solidarity, generosity, and trust are the core values at the heart of EWL. We are committed to lifting up the talents and fostering the abilities of emerging leaders from under‐represented communities through:

  • Strengthening solidarity among them,
  • Harnessing the generosity of mentors from around the world,
  • Investing in the trusted networks that fuel their efforts to lead change in public health science and practice for decades to come.