CEMS Lectures & Mini-Courses, Spring 2024

November 1st, 2019 in Mini-Course, Workshop

Wednesday, 3 April, 4 pm: Lecture by Prof. Dinko Fabris (Professor of the History of Music, Università della Basilicata, Potenza-Matera): “Editing Gesualdo” 71 Bay State Rd. Rm. 14. RSVP cems@bu.edu

Tuesday, 16 April, 4 pm: Lecture by Fabrice Fitch (Senior Research Fellow, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland): “Reconstructing Fragmentary Polyphony: Obrecht’s Missa Scaramella” 71 Bay State Rd. Rm. #14. RSVP cems@bu.edu

(Completed): MH 629 A1:  “Singing Schubert: The Light Behind the Clouds” 1 cr.  March 2-3: Rufus Müller, instructor

This mini-course explores the songs of Franz Schubert and covers aspects of performance practice, texts, expression and accompaniment. Students research their own selections, leading to deeper understanding of the composer, his music, and how to make performance decisions about the latter.