Student Privacy

Official student information maintained by the University Registrar is restricted to the Campus Network. This information includes addresses and phone numbers. This information is not viewable off campus.

The official "local_address" and "local_phone" fields are never available off campus. To make this information available, you must input this information into the optional fields "address" and "phone." See Change Your Entry.

Students who do not want their local address and phone listings available on campus must inform the University Registrar. The change will take effect in the Electronic Directory within 10 days.

Faculty and Staff Privacy

Faculty and Staff directory information (name, title or rank, department, office address, and office phone) is unrestricted. E-mail Address Privacy

Any student, faculty, or staff member can publish or restrict their e-mail address listing in the Electronic Directory. See Change Your Entry. Restricted Information

The Electronic Directory contains restricted access information which can only be viewed by an individual (you can view your information but no one else's). This information includes the e-mail field which the BU mail server uses to forward mail addressed to your_alias, registered classes, and systems where you have a registered account.