The Digital Video Research Archive
of Morris, Sword, and Clog Dancing
at Boston University

English and American Performances 1912-present

For general users, there are three ways to traverse the content of the archive.

(1) Group/genre search will retrieve video performances based on kinds of performance and the teams that perform them.
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(2) Unstructured text search will perform keyword search on six kinds of categorical description: location of performance; occasion or festival; name of performer(s); characters represented; name of dance; name of tune played; general comments.
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(Some general search terms: Morris; Annual Festivals; Longsword; Processions; Rapper; Ceremony; Clog; Parades)

(3) Summary knowledge explores selected archive themes.


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The Digital Video Research Archive is a research initiative built on the work of Anthony G. Barrand and Francisco J. Ricardo, Ph.D. (UNI '99) at Boston University. Its foundation is a unique thirty-year chronological record of change and non-change of dance movement and accompaniment-style through aging and generational replacement of dancers. This library comprises several thousand performances whose material is searchable through a simple but multilayered interface intended to support both basic search and more complex hermeneutic research in this area.

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