Learning Analysis Poll

Gathering feedback from students mid semester about how the course is going offers instructors a chance to make adjustments in time to improve their students’ learning experience for the rest of the semester. CTL can help instructors to collect and/or process and prioritize student feedback through a Learning Analysis Poll, or LAP.

By having a CTL consultant gather and analyze student feedback, the instructor stays focused on the concerns that a majority of students share, rather than getting distracted by comments that are outliers or unclear. A LAP takes approximately 25–30 minutes total of in-class time, with the instructor out of the room.  Depending on class size, the faculty’s preference, and CTL staff availability, a CTL consultant will visit the class in-person or virtually; and lead the students in discussion of two questions:

  • Which aspects of this course help your learning?
  • Which aspects of this course hinder your learning?

The CTL consultant may ask students to clarify or elaborate on their answers, as appropriate, and identifies the issues that the majority of students share.  Student feedback will be recorded anonymously. Following the class session, the CTL consultant meets with the instructor to discuss the feedback in a 30-minute confidential conversation. Scheduling LAPs is dependent on CTL staff availability.

Please use the CTL Contact Us Form to begin the scheduling process.

Instructors may also collect feedback on their own, using a form with open-ended or specific questions they develop (see samples of both types of feedback forms). We recommend setting aside time during class for students to complete feedback forms to increase participation. Instructors may then identify themes in the data and strategize about how to incorporate this feedback independently or with the help of a CTL consultant or colleagues.