Student publications at Boston University
For more information about journals at BU, contact Zachary Bos. This list last updated in March 2018.

Journals accepting submissions from BU affiliates only:

Journals accepting submissions from undergraduates at any institution:

  • Arché
    An academic journal of undergraduate philosophy [email]
  • Taste BUds
    A food magazine with recipes, reviews, and trends in food culture. [email]
  • The Yellow Dog
    An online magazine of collegiate comedy [email]
  • Squinch
    A venue for arts criticism, arts commentary, and original art. [email]

Journals accepting submissions from student or non-student contributors:

Journals in development:

  • Delphinos
    A magazine of the classics and the culture of antiquity [email]
  • An undergraduate music magazine. [email]
  • A student journal of history. [email]
  • The Symposia Project
    Single-topic issues with focused, original thinking for alert minds [email]

Obsolete publications:

  • The Boston University Beacon
    First published in 1876, renamed in later years as The University Beacon and later as, simply, the Beacon. Their first "yearbook" edition was later spun-off into The Hub, which since then has been BU's official annual yearbook. [FB post mentioning the Beacon]
  • The Environmental Examiner
    Published a single volume with two issues, in 2007-8.
  • Sea-Change
    A one-off 'zine effort by the Climate Advocacy, Research, and Education (CARE) student group (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter); since folded into The Emerald Review.
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