Issue No. 22: 2019

Patrick Henry
Him in the Gorse

Emily Mitamura

Joshua Hren

John Leo
runner-up for the Knott Poetry Prize

William Cass

Rebecca Oet
smells like teen spirit (violin cover)

Lynne Potts
Two Poems

Laura Baquerizo

Nick Conrad
The Account

Maisie Wiltshire-Gordon
Here Are Our Hands

Anthony Moll
NGC 7365
winner on the Knott Poetry Prize

Kerry James Evans
Two Poems

Abel Sharpe
Sparrows in the Station

Brett Cortelletti
Two Poems

Michael Leever

Matthew Carey Salyer
Two Poems

Josette Akresh-Gonzales
Two Poems from Jerusalem

Critics' Notebook:
Microreviews of film and books. New paintings at the Sloane Merrill Gallery. Hannah Jew gets nostalgic about Boston Ballet's Nutcracker. Zachary Bos on a speakeasy. Danial Shariat on screen art. Morgan Richards reviews
Ghost Lands
at Gallery 263.

Illustration by Morgan Richards, Cat Dossett, and others.

On the cover: "Monkeys in a Tavern" by David Teniers the Younger, ca. 1660. In the collection of the Prado Museum, Madrid (#P001807). In the public domain.

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