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Kari Schroeder, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

I joined the SDLL as a postdoc in fall 2013, after finishing an NSF-funded postdoc at the Centre for Behaviour and Evolution, Newcastle University, and the UC Davis Department of Anthropology. My graduate training, at UC Davis, was in molecular anthropology. During this time, I used genetic variation to evaluate hypotheses of population history in native North America. As a postdoc, I switched focus to the evolution of cooperation in humans. My aim is to illuminate how cultural and biological variation interact to produce variation in cooperative behavior.

At the SDLL, I am assisting with analzying data from economic experiments and involved in a project that investigates heritability in social learning in non-social tasks and social dilemmas. Professor Blake and I are collaborating with Professor Kim Saudino of the Boston University Twin Project on the latter.

When I’m not engaged in research, you can find me hiking, practicing yoga, swimming, gardening, or keeping my cats warm ;)

Lab Alumni
Kari Schroeder, PhD