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Emily Ammerman

Emily Ammerman worked as a Research Assistant for the Williams syndrome projects at the BU School of Medicine. For the Social Perception project, her responsibilities included implementing and analyzing experiments involving eye tracking, psychophysiology, and reaction time to study how people with and without Williams syndrome respond to social and nonsocial stimuli. For the Social Communication project she helped act out an interactive play scenario with children, which she then analyzed to determine how participants take into account different types of social information.

Before joining the lab Emily spent a year working as a Research Assistant at Brown University. There she worked in the Auditory Perception Lab studying the effectiveness of new algorithms for reducing background noise to help hearing-impaired adults understand speech. She also worked in Michael Tarr’s lab researching face perception in typical populations using button-box tasks and fMRI.

Emily has recently left to pursue a graduate degree in speech-language pathology.

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Emily Ammerman