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Michael Hogan to give fourth annual Dudley Allen Sargent Distinguished Lecture, Wednesday, October 16, Sargent College, 5 p.m.
Week of 11 October 2002 · Vol. VI, No. 7

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Simpler times? While it may appear from this 1959 photograph that BU students were living much simpler lives, in reality both the world and the BU campus were undergoing great changes in the years from 1955 to 1959. The Salk vaccine for polio was proving 60 to 90 percent effective. The Korean Conflict G.I. Bill greatly reduced the financial benefits previously given to World War II veterans, including tuition payments to colleges. The Russians launched Sputnik and staged a brutal suppression of the Hungarian revolt. Asian flu gripped the nation. On campus, tuition had risen to $800, the School of Public Relations (the College of Communication) moved from an antiquated building in Copley Square to modern facilities on Commonwealth Ave., and President Harold Case announced plans for a $60 million development program that included construction of a new women's dormitory on Bay State Road. "The student of 1959 was a more mature and responsible individual," proclaimed the 1959 Hub yearbook. "He took an active interest in public affairs, spent less of his time in frivolities. Yet, he still supported worthwhile college events and demonstrated tangible 'school spirit.'" Photo from the 1959 Hub.


11 October 2002
Boston University
Office of University Relations