Systems Biology Seminars

Thursdays at 12:45 PM – Pizza at 12:15

LSEB 103,  24 Cummington Mall


Fall 2019

October 17
Einat Segev, PhD
Principal Investigator
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Weizmann Institute of Science

Title: Biogeochemistry of Algal-Bacterial Interactions
BU Host: Daniel Segrè

October 24
Jeffrey J. Tabor, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering
Rice University

Title: Repurposing bacterial two-component systems as sensors for synthetic biology applications
BU Host: Mary Dunlop

November 7
Max Leiserson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
University of Maryland, College Park

Title: Methods for Characterizing the Activity of Mutational Processes in Cancer
BU Host: Mark Crovella

November 14
Alberto Cruz-Martin, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Boston University

Title: Defining transcriptional networks in early life stress models and schizophrenia
BU Host: Bioinformatics Program

November 21
Antonina Mitrofanova, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biomedical and Health Informatics
Department of Health Informatics, Rutgers School of Health Professions

Title: New frontiers in predicting markers of treatment response in cancer patients
BU Host: Simon Kasif

December 5
Samuel Brown, PhD
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
Georgia Tech

Title: Evolution-proof drugs: conditional treatment strategies for effective and evolutionarily robust infection control
Host: Kirill Korolev