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American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project

Investigation of the syntactic structure of ASL, with particular emphasis on the hierarchical representation of functional categories. Recent work has explored clausal structure: both the manual and non-manual expressions found with question phrases, tense, aspect, negation, and agreement.

NEW Data Access Interace (DAI 2)

some additional information about DAI 2

American Sign Language Linguistic Video Dataset (ASLLVD)

ASLLRP Sign Bank


SignStream® is a database tool for analysis of linguistic data captured on video. SignStream® provides a single computing environment for manipulating video and linking specific frame sequences to simultaneously occurring linguistic events encoded in a fine-grained, multi-level transcription. Designed for annotation and analysis of sign language and gesture, SignStream is distributed on a non-profit basis.

Image and Video Computing Group

Research in the computer vision fields of person, head and skin tracking, and gesture recognition.