Made of Star Stuff by Phoebe Horgan (Art of Astrophysics Contest, 2016)

To encourage the continued development of an intellectual community around the arts and arts practice at BU and enhance our student-life experience, the BU Arts Initiative offers research grants for graduate and undergraduate research, as well as grants to faculty, students, and staff for projects that directly engage students in the arts. Committees of faculty, staff, and students review all proposals. All BU Arts Initiative arts grants are subject to fiscal years restrictions and must be used in the fiscal year awarded.

The BU Arts Initiative is proud to sponsor Indigenous Voices in the Americas – an interdisciplinary program series highlighting the artistic voices of Indigenous People from both North and South America beginning in the Spring 2021 semester and running through the 2021/2022 academic year. You can apply for a Programming grant below (up to $2,000), or reach out to us to discuss residency or other ideas beyond the scope of our grant program.

Sample projects completed with help from BU Arts Initiative grants: