Varsity Vocals ICHSA Northeast Quarterfinal

6:00 pm on Saturday, February 1, 2020
10:00 pm on Saturday, February 1, 2020
Tsai Performance Center, 685 Commonwealth Avenue
The Varsity Vocals International Championship of High School A Cappella (ICHSA) is a premiere tournament dedicated to showcasing the art of student a cappella singing and providing top-notch a cappella groups with valuable feedback from our highly qualified judges. Our young vocalists have the opportunity to share their talent with an international audience, develop relationships with each other, and cultivate the art of a cappella singing as well as a lifelong love of music. Featuring: Dynamix | Foxborough Regional Charter School, Foxboro, MA Falconize | Danvers High School, Danvers, MA Luminescence | Marblehead High School, Marblehead, MA Photosymphonizers | Advanced Math & Science Academy, Marlborough, MA Scalestorm | Natick High School, Natick, MA South Avenue | Plymouth South High School, Plymouth, MA The Jewel Tones | Marblehead High School, Marblehead, MA The Newtones | Newton South High School, Newton, MA Voices ReChoired | Marlborough High School, Marlborough, MA WitchPitch? | Salem High School, Salem, MA The top two finishing groups at this event will advance to the ICHSA Northeast Semifinal. We invite you to tweet and instagram this event using #ICHSA. Thanks! For more information about our programs and tournaments, visit