What We Do


From pre-college to undergrads, graduate students to postdocs, and faculty to staff, ARROWS aims to facilitate the advancement and success of Boston University’s women in STEM.


Supporting women in STEM is a good goal, but what exactly does that mean? Here’s where we detail what we want to do.

BU Women in STEM: The History

A condensed history of all the work advocating for women in BU’s STEM departments in the past couple decades and how that work led to the formation of the ARROWS program.


Here are the people who make up our program, our advisory boards, and our programming committees.

Gifts & Partners

If you’re part of a group or organization that would like to work with or support ARROWS, find out about our practices here.

Get Involved

Here are the ways in which members of the BU community at every level can get involved and help support ARROWS’ work.

Contact Us

If you care about women in STEM, we want to hear from you!