BU Bulletin Content & Style Guide

Note: Find information about how to submit changes.

Purpose of the Bulletin

The Bulletin IS 
The Bulletin Is NOT
A University-wide academic reference A promotional brochure
A handbook of programs and offerings A duplicate of school, college, or department website content
An academic archive A place for nonacademic information

2018/2019 Bulletin Production Schedule

Milestone Deadline
Schools and colleges may begin updating Bulletin copy through the Curriculum Portal.

  • Schools and colleges are encouraged to begin the review of non-Hub courses and course descriptions as soon as possible.
Deadline for submitting program checklists 11/17/2017
For new degrees and degree requirement changes, see below.
Update Bulletin copy to include BU Hub

Graduate schools, particularly schools with articulating programs, are asked to review the BU Hub requirements with their partner schools to ensure program structure and language are consistent with BU Hub language.

**Send updated Bulletin copy by 12/22/2017 to bulletin@bu.edu.**

***For questions regarding Hub language in the Bulletin, please contact Deeana Klepper, Ph.D., dklepper@bu.edu.***

Final deadline for eCAP submission of proposals for NEW programs; changes of delivery format; any proposal involving a global activity (i.e., all proposals requiring University Council approval)

  • Schools planning to offer new programs, updating existing program requirements or delivery format, or changing any aspect of listed program requirements in response to the BU Hub, should plan to submit an eCAP proposal through the Provost’s Curriculum Portal.
Final deadline for all remaining eCAP submissions (not requiring University Council approval)

These deadlines are assuming that the proposers have consulted in advance with the relevant Associate Provost.

Deadline for schools and colleges to submit changes to:

-Non-eCAP Bulletin changes

-School-specific policies

-Overviews that do not involve language about the BU Hub

-Student orgs. and other student resources

-External links (e.g., centers and institutes pages, etc.)

Deadline for schools and colleges to submit final corrections and course lists

New University-wide policies and changes to existing University policies must be approved by this date.

Proposals for new programs and changes to programs must be approved by this date.

Content freeze date (includes course descriptions) 5/4/2018
Bulletin 2018/2019 launch 6/1/2018

General Editorial Guidelines

  • Study section guidelines. Before making edits, be sure to read your section’s guidelines thoroughly.
  • Use Bulletin style. Put content in the appropriate section and use the Bulletin Style Guide to punctuate lists, academic degrees, and more.
  • Be concise. Provide just the facts in simple, concrete terms.
  • Use bullets. Break up large blocks of text and all lists, including lists of faculty, classes, etc., with bullets.
  • Think “online.” Provide exact names of other sections/information you’d like to point to, along with their URLs. Submit to Creative Services; we will create Link Boxes (inline sidebars) that will house related links.
  • Be consistent. Use the same style and tone across all sections of your Bulletin.
  • Be thorough. The Bulletin is an unchangeable snapshot of a particular calendar year. No edits allowed after April 22.