Engineering Device Applications: From Physics to Design

ENG ME 506

Senior or graduate standing in the engineering, physics, or the chemistry disciplines, or consent of instructor. Topics include many sensors and actuators, including accelerometers and piezoelectric devices, as well as many other electromechanical devices, plus lasers, quantum dots, atomic force microscope, ellipsometry, plasma etching, advanced semiconductor based devices, scanning electron microscopes, and open to other student suggested directions. Such devices are used considerably in engineering, science, and technology, as well as in commercial high "tech" products, and for instrumentation and measuring purposes. Many devices will be taken apart and analyzed in terms of the operation,physics, design, device optimization, plus considerations of possible deviations from the original design. The intent here is that a confident mastery of these devices will improve the use and application of these devices for engineers, as well as provide a guide where jobs might be obtained in the use and possible enhancements of these devices. About 20 physical demonstrations will be given during the course.

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