Optimization Theory and Methods

ENG EC 524

Introduction to optimization problems and algorithms emphasizing problem formulation, basic methodologies, and underlying mathematical structures. Classical optimization theory as well as recent advances in the field. Topics include modeling issues and formulations, simplex method, duality theory, sensitivity analysis, large-scale optimization, integer programming, interior-point methods, non-linear programming optimality conditions, gradient methods, and conjugate direction methods. Applications are considered; case studies included. Extensive paradigms from production planning and scheduling in manufacturing systems. Other illustrative applications include fleet management, air traffic flow management, optimal routing in communication networks, and optimal portfolio selection. Same as ENG EC 674, ENG SE 524, ENG SE 674. Students may not receive credit for both.

FALL 2022 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Paschalidis PHO 210 TR 3:30 pm-5:15 pm Mts w/ENG SE524
Mts w/ENG EC674
Mts w/ENG SE674

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