Introduction to Biomedical Optics

ENG BE 555

This course surveys the applications of optical science and engineering to a variety of biomedical problems, with emphasis on optical and photonics technologies that enable real, minimally-invasive clinical and laboratory applications. The course teaches only those aspects of the biology itself that are necessary to understand the purpose of the applications. The first weeks introduce the optical properties of tissue, and following lectures cover a range of topics in three general areas: 1) Optical spectroscopy applied to diagnosis of cancer and other tissue pathologies; 2) Photon migration and diffuse optical imaging of subsurface structures in tissue; and 3) new tissue imaging methods, laser-tissue interactions and other applications of light for biomedical research. The format of this course is "semi-flipped." There are assigned readings from the required textbook, prior to each class. Half of class time will invoke informal lecture and discussion, to amplify and clarify the readings; and half of the class time will be in the style of a "flipped" class, devoted to working, in small groups, on problems and discussing and understanding the connection to the readings. Dual listed as ENG EC 555. Students may not receive credit for both.

FALL 2023 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Bigio CDS 264 MW 3:30 pm-5:15 pm Mts w/ENG EC555
Class Full

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