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Siegel, J. M., Manger, P. R., Nienhuis, R., Fahringer, H. M., Shalita, T., & Pettigrew, J. D. (1999). Sleep In The Platypus. Neuroscience, 91(1), 391-400.

Species Name: Ornithorhynchus Anatinus Common Name: Duck-billed Platypus
Sex: Mix Age Class: Adult
Number of Animals: 4 Animals in Mean: 4
Animals Sampled: 4 Age Average: N/A
Lab Conditions
EEG or ECoG Used: Yes Temperature: No
Recording Length: 3 (24 hour recording period) Light Conditions: Normal light/dark conditions
Animal Allowed to Adapt: No Animal Restrained: No
Tested in Wild: Telemetry / Radiotelemetry Used Diet: Normal
Behavioral Sleep Recorded: 1 Lab Condition Score: 12
Sleep data (times in hours, unless otherwise specified)
Daily Sleep Time: 14.2 Daily Sleep Time Adjusted for Drowsiness: N/A
Daily REM/Paradoxical Sleep Time: 5.4 Quiet/Non-REM Sleep Sleep Time: 8.2
Sleep Cycle Length in Minutes: N/A Monophasic or Polyphasic Sleep: N/A