Butrint National Park in Albania: 3000 Years of Mediterranean History

Butrint (Albania): 3000 years of Mediterranean History - Protecting the Homeric Landscape. For the first time at Boston University, a lecture on Butrint National Park in Albania. The Butrint National Park, a UNESCO Heritage Site, has a unique combination of archeology and nature. Unlike many sites, it is in the Medeterranean, and its monuments and archeological treasures are very well preserved and well recorded. The history and the most historic periods of archeological development as well as the tremendous work done to preserve and protect this world heritage site from any threats of development will be discussed. Butrint nature park boasts a high degree of biodiversity, with the presence of rare species under preservation, which make the site attractive for eco-tourists and naturalists. Butrint can become an educational resource for Universities and summer school groups. In addition to tours around the ancient city of Butrint, efforts are under way to develop a range of educational programmes including pre- and post- visit classroom activities. The multi- disciplinary nature of the lecture will be of interest not only to archeological students and faculty but also to those of history, environment, education and local development. Admission: free. Hosted by the BU Albanian Students Club.

Speaker(s): Auron Tare, Director, Butrint National Park (2000-2005)
Wednesday, Nov 30, 2005 at 6:00pm
Where PHO 206
Open to General Public
Boston University