Call for Papers

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NASSR 2013 invites submissions for its conference to be held on the banks of the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts August 8-11, 2013. While especially interested in proposals prompted by the conference theme “Romantic Movements,” broadly conceived, the committee also looks forward to considering sessions and papers on all topics representing the best current work in the field. This is to say that the conference theme should be considered suggestive, but not proscriptive. To that end, both “Romantic” and “Movements” should be considered terms under investigation, and might yield conversations about any aspect of such topics as Romantic motion, emotion, mobility, transport, affect, infrastructure, importation, exportation, flow, obstruction, freedom, restriction, progress, regression, ascent, decline, development, diminution, migration, travel, gesture, dance, location, dislocation, displacement, exile, temporality, personality, rising, falling, diversion, direction, misdirection, speculation, experimentation, currents, contagions, fronts, feints, faints, scatology, scansion, prosody, prose, and so on.

Sponsored by the College of the Holy Cross and Boston University, NASSR 2013 aims to open conversations not only about Romantic scholarship but about the relationship between scholarly work and how we teach Romanticism now. We encourage proposals addressing these concerns as they engage a wide range of British, Continental, American, and world Romanticisms.

The conference organizers are open to several forms of proposal:

  1. Traditional 15-minute paper proposals (250-word abstracts), either grouped together as 3-paper panels or submitted individually.
  2. Proposals for open-call special sessions (250-word descriptions of potential session).
  3. Proposals for alternative format sessions such as roundtable discussions, state-of-the-field debates, etc. (250-word description of topic and list of participants).

Deadline for open special session calls: October 15, 2012
Deadline for all other proposals: January 15, 2013

Please send all proposals or direct questions to the conference organizers, Jonathan Mulrooney (Holy Cross) and Charles Rzepka (Boston University) at