Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs

MET IT offers a virtual lab environment to provide students with remote access to course-specific software.  To get access to virtual labs the instructor needs to send a request for all students in class via email to METIT@BU.EDU or complete the following FORM.  
The following software is currently available in the virtual labs:
MS Excel 2013; MS Project 2013, SPSS v.22, ArcGIS.

How To Access MET Virtual Labs

To connect to VLABs you need to synchronize your BU account to Active Directory.  Please go to and follow the steps.  It is a one-time requrement.

1.Download the VMWare View Client from ;
Client for Windows 32-bit
Client for Windows 64-bit
Client for MAC
2. Once client downloaded, start it and put as a “Connection Server” name.
3. Login using your BU login name and password and put AD for the “Domain” name.
4. Once logged in each student will have a virtual lab “MET-VLAB” available for individual use.
5. Click Connect to start your virtual lab.

Please note: all files created on local drive (C:) or desktop in virtual lab will not be retained after you logoff.
To save your work, you can use MyFiles (M:) drive, a USB drive, or email files using any web email client.
Instructions to access MyFiles from outside virtual labs
– Files also can be saved/transferred to a USB drive that can be connected to Virtual Lab using VMware View client top menu bar.
– You can print all files created in virtual lab to any printer connected to your physical computer.
To get help: 617-353-HELP (4357) or  and indicate that it is a VDI Desktop