Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs

MET IT offers a virtual lab environment to provide students with remote access to course-specific software.  To get acceess to virtual labs the instructor needs to send a request for all students in class via email to METIT@BU.EDU or complete the following FORM.  Before you can access virtual lab you need to synchronize your BU user name and password to BU Active Directory. To synchronize, please Click Here and follow the instructions.


How To Access MET Virtual Labs

You have to use one of the following browsers: Firefox 7/Chrome 14/Internet Explorer 9/Safari 5/Opera 10  or higher

  1. Open your preferred web browser.
  2. Type into your address bar:
  3. Click on the lab assigned for your class (name provided by your instrcutor)
  4. Enter your BU login name and password
  5. Press the “Log in” button

When you finish working:  in the virtual lab, please go to Start-Log off to terminate your session.

You can transfer files from and to virtual labs.  Click the link below for instructions:


FOR HELP  please email: metit@bu.eduComplete the web form or call 617-358-5401