Zoom Web Conferencing

ZoomLogoSmallZoom is a web conferencing tool similar to Skype for Business or Adobe Connect.
If you need a new virtual meeting room or want to learn more about Zoom, please contact MET IT at metit@bu.edu
System requirements for a successful Zoom meeting can be found here.


Departmental and Group Meetings

MET IT has set up departmental and group meetings by request. These meetings are for the use during the Commonwealth Ave construction project (July 27th-August 14th).

Additional Zoom services will be offered later this summer.

You do not need a Zoom account to enter the meeting. Contact MET IT to schedule a training for meeting or support.

For an overview of the Zoom interface see this graphic

To launch an existing Zoom meeting select your department or group from the drop down menu below.

Select Department or Group

Once you have entered the meeting you will be able to:

  • Share your camera and microphone
  • Chat with other participants
  • Share your desktop or application windows
  • Manage you own view of other participants
  • Change your display name

If you need to:

  • Start and stop recording
  • Mute other participants
  • Remove participants
  • End the meeting for all participants

Launch the meeting as a host from the meeting host page.
Summer Term Zoom Webinar can be found here.
CPE Webinar (Host) can be found here.