Why Learn About Biophotonics?
• Biophotonics is the creative integration of basic science, engineering systems, and biology.
• Biophotonics has revolutionized areas as distinct as drug discovery, diagnostic imaging, biomaterials, clinical medicine, and biosensing.
• Biophotonics shows the links among science, engineering and math to life sciences.
• Biophotonics ties closely to New England’s biotech and photonics industries and hospitals

• Attend pre-workshop June 27-28, work in research lab July 2-August 10, 2012
• Create lessons, website, blog, video
• Present Powerpoint and Poster at end of workshop
• Participate in three academic year call back meetings (late November, early February and April)
• Have a strong interest in developing further your STEM understanding and skills
• Be willing to work on a research team with an RET partner, grad students, faculty

• Receive a stipend: $7000 for veteran teachers ($5250 for pre-service) for 6 weeks in summer and one additional week consisting for pre-workshop and callbacks. Paid in three increments: $3000 ($2250) midway through summer, $3000 ($2250) after completion of summer experience, and $1000 ($750) at end of academic year upon completion of pre-workshop, callbacks, and program requirements.
• Work with another RET participant in a two-person team under faculty supervisor
• Join in on-going biophotonics projects with the help of graduate student mentors
• Learn research skills training in photonics content, biophotonics, communication skills
• Participate in workshops on curriculum & classroom materials development in biophotonics
• Receive funds to purchase materials for your classroom
• Have opportunity to attend regional or national STEM/NSTA meetings