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Because Pathway's is about your future, we've devoted this space to our collective past. As a new feature, we'll be showcasing women in science, math and engineering who have paved the path before you. While we can't include everyone, each of the following women stands out for her accomplishments.

Two of our first featured biography subjects, Reatha King Clark and Edna Piasano, were challenged to overcome racial and ethnic discrimination as well as bias and prejudice on the basis of their gender, in blazing their paths to success in their chosen fields. The stories of Caroline Herschel and Emmy Noether also illustrate the secret struggles women of centuries past faced in gaining recognition for their achievements, lest we forget how far we have come.

We'll update our Bios page as often as possible, BUT if you are interested in learning more right now . . . Check out this amazing site on Women Mathematicians! And click here for more Bios of Women Mathematicians.

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