Sunday, November 18, 2001

(This program is only open to members of CTY)



Richard Cost, CTY Parent

9:00 AM

Opening Remarks:

Prof. Robert Kaufmann
B.U. Center for Energy & Environmental Studies

9:10 AM

Keynote Presentation:

Energy, National Security, and the Future of America
Prof. Cutler Cleveland
Center for Energy & Environmental Studies

This talk will focus on three interconnected issues: (i) the role of energy in the economic and national security of nations, (ii) the close connection between energy use and environmental change, especially climate change, and (iii) the potential for renewable energy sources to meet future energy needs.

9:15-10:00 AM

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Concluding Talk:

Monitoring the Earth

Prof. Farouk El Baz
Director, Boston University
Center for Remote Sensing

Satellite images have opened a wide window on the earth. Images from space cover large areas and allow the study of regional patterns. They show variations in the rock composition and fabric. Examples are given on monitoring environmental changes as well as the search for natural resources, particularly groundwater in desert areas.

2:45-3:30 PM