Kathleen Corriveau

Assistant Professor

Director, Social Learning Laboratory

Office: 621 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 322
email: kcorriv@bu.edu

Professor Corriveau’s Faculty Profile


Professor Corriveau’s research focuses on social and cognitive development in childhood, with a specific focus on how children decide what people and what information are trustworthy.  She is also interested in language and reading development, cross-cultural differences and the role of parenting in children’s social and emotional development.



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Jennifer Clegg

Postdoctoral Research Associate







Jen is a postdoctoral research associate researching parent-child conversation about scientific and religious entities in the U.S., China, & Iran. Jen received her PhD in developmental psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. She is interested in the development of children’s social learning and parent-child interaction in different cultural contexts.


Ayse_WebsitePicture Ayse Payir

Postdoctoral Research Associate






Ayse is working with Kathleen Corriveau and Paul Harris in a project where they investigate children’s conceptualization of science and religion across different cultures. She is interested in children’s understanding of what is possible and what is impossible and how this understanding is reflected in their counterfactual thinking—the thoughts of “what if” or “if only”.




Ian Campbell PhotoIan Campbell

Doctoral Student

Applied Human Development




Ian is a doctoral student in the Applied Human Development Ph.D. program. He is interested in how children decide who to trust, engage in critical thinking, and process important information while learning. Currently, his research focuses on how children view and trust text-based sources of information.


Kelly1 Kelly Cui

Doctoral Student

Applied Human Development





Kelly is a doctoral student in the Human Development Program. She is broadly interested how children learn from and interact with other people, and how parent-child interaction and cultural context influence this process. Currently she is working on a project linking children’s teaching behavior to their selective learning in both US and China.


ellie castineEllie Castine

Doctoral Student

Counseling Psychology




Ellie is a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology. Her research interests broadly focus on children’s development of critical thinking skills. More specifically, she is interested in the development of race based judgments. Ellie hopes this study will increase our understanding of the ways in which children learn about race and how we can teach in a way that minimizes the development of racial stereotypes.


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Amy_WebsitePicture Amy Macmillan

Amy is a Psychology undergraduate student from the University of Bath in England. Upon graduation, she hopes to work for a charity – and ultimately start her own – focusing on mental illness in adolescents.







Rosie_WebsitePicture Rosie Brett

Rosie is also a Psychology undergraduate from the University of Bath and is originally from Wales. Following graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in Developmental Psychology.








teresa 2

  Teresa Tam

Teresa is a senior studying Psychology and Education. After graduation, she plans on getting her Master’s to become a child therapist or counselor working in a school setting.





  steph Stephanie Santosy

 Stephanie is a senior, pursuing a B.A. in Psychology, as well as minors in Sociology  and French. She is interested in developmental psychology, and would like to further  her education to eventually become a psychologist.







Emily Peters

Emily is a senior studying Psychology. After her time at Boston University, she  hopes to pursue a graduate degree in School Psychology.






IMG_0949-150x150 Jingyu Xi

Jingyu is a master’s student in the TESOL Program at Boston University. She is very interested in children’s cognitive development, especially their learning ability  and knowledge processing. She is working on a project about parental teaching.




   juliaJulia Bassin

  Julia is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a BA in Psychology. She plans to further her education by attending graduate school to become a Social Worker.





   danielleDanielle Fishbein

   Danielle is a junior studying Psychology and Speech Pathology. She aspires to be a child psychologist.







  Julie Stern

 Julie Stern is a junior studying Psychology and Sociology, with a minor in Deaf studies. After graduating, she intends to continue her education to become a family counselor and psychologist.





 Grace Li

 Grace graduated from Boston University in 2016. She is interested in how child-parent interaction affects children’s personality and performances as adults.







Version 2 Olivia Calisi

Olivia is a junior studying Behavioral Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences.  After graduation, she plans on attending graduate school to study cognitive psychology.







 Jenna_WebsitePictureJenna Benferhat

Jenna is a senior studying International Relations and Religion. She is looking forward to continuing her education and work experience in human rights following graduation.






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Peter Blake, Boston University
Eva Chen, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Cara DiYanni, Rider University
Stacey Doan, Boston University
Shiri Einav, University of Nottingham
Paul Harris, Harvard University
Katie Kinzler, University of Chicago
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