Project Overview

This project includes the implementation of the Kuali Coeus Research Management system (KCRM), a research administration system to replace legacy systems in place to track institutional proposals as well as award management. Kuali Coeus is a community source application developed by the Kuali Foundation and is based on the functionality of MIT’s COEUS system. The project included the conversion of current award data from legacy sources. The system is currently used by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Post Award Financial Operations (PAFO). Selected award information from KCRM is sent to SAP for financial and reporting purposes. Also, as part of the implementation, reports were developed leveraging the SAP Business Warehouse that are providing data to central and distributed users.

Future planned components of this project include the implementation of the Proposal Development module of Kuali Coeus. The affected central department is Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) but this implementation will also greatly affect other decentralized users in the research community, including Principal Investigator and Department Administrators. A business driver for this module is allowing for a central, electronic repository for proposal applications as well as the ability to electronically route the application for necessary approvals. In addition, the Kuali Coeus Proposal Development module allows for system to system submission via The key stakeholders for this project include: OSP Central Users, decentralized Department Administrator and Faculty members that are submitting applications for research funding.