The Journal of Science & Technology Law (JOSTL) publishes the best practical scholarship from experts in the areas of biotechnology, computers and communications, intellectual property, technology transfer and business law for technology-based companies. JOSTL is published by 50 second- and third-year students from Boston University School of Law.

JOSTL is currently available in print as well as online. Please contact JOSTL about new subscriptions and back issue orders (available for Volume 9.1 onward) or William S. Hein & Co. about hardbound back issue orders (available for Volumes 1-9) that cannot be filled by JOSTL.

Latest Issue

Vol. 24.1 – Winter 2018


Curing Administrative Search Decay
by  G.S. Hans

The Second Element, First Priority
by Steven Ferrey

A Two-Dimensional Approach to Non-Discriminatory Terms in FRAND Licensing Agreements
by Garry A. Gabison


Locally Famous, Nationally Vindicated: A Comparative Analysis of Likeness-Based Recovery Avenues for Student-Athletes Under the Right of Publicity and Lanham Act
by Taylor Y. Moore-Willis

Securing U.S. Election Systems: Designating U.S. Election Systems as Critical Infrastructure and Instituting Election Security Reforms
by Eric Manpearl