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We are delighted to announce that archived web casts and events are available for Inauguration 2006. You can view the videos from the links below. (All videos require RealPlayer®.)

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In August 2005, Bob Brown talked about BU, research, and education with seven members of the university community. The faculty, staff, and student participants were invited to ask Bob Brown about his opinions and insights. Highlights of the conversation appear in the short video segments below.

Video Highlights: A Conversation with Robert Brown

  1. Part 1: Brown's initial impressions of Boston University, his transition here this summer from MIT, where previously he was provost, and the personal and professional interests of his wife, Beverly.
  2. Part 2: How Brown became involved in administration, his thoughts on building bridges between the Charles River and Medical Campuses, and the key to evaluating an institution's success in research.
  3. Part 3: What Brown considers distinct about BU, such as its offering a strong foundation in liberal arts education as well as opportunities for advanced instruction in areas such as communications, management, engineering, and fine arts.
  4. Part 4: Brown's leadership style and his strategies for supporting women in the sciences.
  5. Part 5: The faculty's crucial role in decision making at the University, Brown's personal interests, and his thoughts about the symbiotic relationship between BU and the city of Boston.