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World History Annotated Link List

World History is one of the most recent historical fields to emerge, evolving from historical inquires outside traditional nation-centered narratives. In many ways, it is a reaction to the perception that older histories of non-Western cultures and societies were tainted with “Eurocentrism.” World historians hope to broaden the scope of historical accounts by integrating regions, offering global perspectives, and including often marginalized areas like Africa, Asia and the Americas into the curriculum. In order to help instructors get a handle on this new approach to history, The Historical Society has assembled the following list of relevant websites. The materials below include links to various professional organizations dedicated to World History, online journals and publications focusing on the field, as well as curricular resources (including complete, ready-made World History curriculums).

World History Organizationsh

The World History Association

The World History Association is an organization made up of university and secondary school teachers interested in promoting the teaching of world history. They publish the Journal of World History and the World History Bulletin, both of which are available online through the website. The site also includes specific teaching resources for secondary school instructors, as well as a useful list of links to other historical organizations and publishers of world history texts.

New Global History

"New Global History (NGH) employs conceptual thinking and empirical research, utilizing an historical perspective, to advance understanding of the multi-faceted dimensions of globalization processes. For more information, read our mission."  See also the organization's journal, New Global Studies.

The World History Network

World History Network, Inc., is a nonprofit corporation.  Its board of directors includes world history instructors from various academic levels (high school, community college, and university). The group reviews both research and teaching materials, as well as providing other resources for researchers and teachers.  These resources include a discussion forum.  The website is navigable by a search engine which can be narrowed using drop-down menus and boxes for checking options. 

Global Studies Association North America

The Global Studies Association's focus on globalization makes the group's links page and online academic papers valuable to instructor's attempting to teach from a perspective of globalization. Its Executive Board consists of 17 academics and activists from Canada, the United States, and Mexico. 

World History Publications

World History Connected: The EJournal of Learning and Teaching

World History Connected is a free online journal which contains “innovative classroom-ready scholarship.” The journal is published by the University of Illinois Press. Articles include not only curricular resources, but also reviews of books on world history.

Journal of World History

World History Connected is a free online journal which contains “innovative classroom-ready scholarship.” The journal is published by the University of Illinois Press. Articles include not only curricular resources, but also reviews of books on world history.

Curricular Resources

World History Sources

This site is produced by George Mason University's Center for History and New Media.  The easily navigable site covers four major areas:  1) Reviews of world history materials available on-line, 2) guides to primary sources, 3) strategies for interpreting primary sources, 4) a teaching section with sixteen case studies spanning material culture, maps, music, government documents, personal accounts, newspapers, and travel narratives.  The site is ideal for secondary teachers.

Montgomery County Public Schools’ Social Studies Curriculum Links for World History

Contains a useful collection of links to US government and UN statistics and other curricular resources, including a collection of lesson plans by returning Peace Corps volunteers.

Southern Center for International Studies – The World in Transition Series

The World in Transition is a commercially available set of world history lesson plans with accompanying videos. There are a number of lesson plans available, including units on Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The program has been correlated to both national and state social studies standards.

World History for Us All

World History for Us All is a model world history curriculum for middle and secondary school teachers designed by San Diego State University and the National Center for History in the Schools of UCLA. The website contains a complete, ready-made curriculum, including lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations and other classroom resources.

Women in World History Curriculum

Contains a number of articles on incorporating women’s history into your world history curriculum. Also includes some sample classroom lessons and biographies of famous women in history. All of the materials are written by Lyn Reese, a consultant for the International Women’s Museum.

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