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The Journal of The Historical Society, the official publication of The Historical Society, is dedicated to the development of congenial discussions and debates that illuminate rather than polarize the study of history. The Journal will focus its attention, not on documenting the minutiae of history, but on identifying the questions and problems historians face in their pursuit of the past. To that end, The Journal welcomes submissions of scholarly articles intended to engage a wide audience or to assess the current state and future possibilities within specific historical areas. The editors of The Journal will also invite responses to specific articles to launch collegial debates among its readers, and letters to the editor are always welcome.

The Journal will accept manuscripts written in English, submitted in triplicate, accompanied by a computer disk formatted in Microsoft Word. The author's name and contact information (including a phone number and email address) should appear on the first page of the article. Please number the pages and double-space the text. Authors are encouraged to join The Historical Society, but submissions will be accepted from members and non-members alike. No simultaneous submissions will be accepted. Submissions and all correspondence should be addressed to the editor, 

George Huppert
The Journal of the Historical Society
656 Beacon St., Mezzanine 
Boston, MA 02215
The Journal's editorial policies are designed to promote a spirit of open dialogue within the demands of rigorous scholarship. Members of The Journal's Editorial Board will read and evaluate each submission, and their comments will be taken into consideration when the editor makes final decisions on publication. The editor, the managing editor, and the publisher will edit manuscripts for grammar, clarity, and consistency. Authors reserve the right to view all editorial changes before The Journal goes to press, and responsibility for the ideas and opinions expressed in their articles rests solely with them. An editorial style guide is available at this website. We encourage authors to consult the style guide before they submit articles to the editors.

As editors for the official publication of The Historical Society, we recognize our responsibility to promote open dialogue among historians of all stripes. We see ourselves as part of that dialogue, so we welcome your responses to our work. 

Scott Hovey 
Managing Editor 
The Journal of The Historical Society
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